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If a person wants to succeed, he must start from the opposite direction. This is the Theory of Tao. This may not be something that everyone can understand and accept.

But Taoism says that this is the universal truth that does not change. You can see how someone who begins life ends up bankrupt if you listen to the explanations. You can understand things when you listen to the explanations. Here are some basic facts about a stomp pad (maths).

+ * — = —

— * — = +

It is always negative to follow a positive start with negative elements. Things start in minus-end negatively, but things that start in minus-end positively.

It is the first theory of Tao. If you want to shine as a leader, you have to start as a follower first. If you wish to become a successful entrepreneur, you must first work as an employee of the company you intend to launch.

Here is a synopsis of the life experience of someone I know. For the sake of convenience, he may be referred to as Thomas. The apartment was bought because it was necessary.

Thomas purchased the apartment after seeing it advertised in the newspaper. Thomas believed he might get the flat for a bargain. For a while, it was correct. He purchased the apartment and rented it out.

He took out a loan to buy it. He sold the flat at a loss within a year. When the debtors violated the peace, he left the country. He then spent three months in Tokyo.

He discovered why his flat was losing money throughout these three months. He returned home with the knowledge of how to manage a flat. The business was halted and then resumed. He never had to look back after that. He started three enterprises in five years. He is now a well-known businessperson.

Chunkyo explains the following in his first Taoist theory Shi Chi-Chi. All the lessons we’ve learned, the books we’ve read, and the stories we’ve heard have shaped us. Some try to emulate the virtues of these people in their daily…



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