Russia Ukraine War

Ukraine Russia war

Today, the world is talking about the fear of war in Ukraine.

Many countries have recalled their citizens from Ukraine.

It is not right to say that it will attack Ukraine, which is not so powerful.

Russia says it will attack Ukraine tomorrow if not today.

Let’s see what Russia’s goal is: Russia’s first goal is to eliminate NATO domination in Eastern Europe.

The second is to block Ukraine’s NATO membership.

The third is to put pressure on NATO to withdraw its NATO forces from countries such as Poland, Bulgaria, and Romania.

The fourth is to rule the Donbas region of Ukraine.

Let me explain: If we want to know what is happening in Ukraine now, we must go back in history.

Many countries, including Russia, and most of Eastern Europe at the time were part of the Soviet Union.

Part of the vast Soviet Union, including part of Germany, including Poland, was actually afraid that it would spread to Europe.

NATO was formed out of fear of a communist occupation of Europe.

The Soviet Union, which was very proud, made some mistakes in the late 1980s.

The Soviet Union is on the verge of collapse. German unification is underway.

It has to be said that this is a continuation of the Cold War of that time.

It was a time when the wall between the Germans was crumbling. The agreement was that NATO would not intervene if the Soviet Union agreed to the unification of Germany. But that assurance was not recorded anywhere. We know that the Soviet Union collapsed.

Since then, NATO has reached Eastern Europe. The old agreement was canceled during the reign of Russian President Boris Wilson.

Thus the political picture of Eastern Europe itself is changing. NATO is entering many countries in Eastern Europe.

We see all the communist countries that were part of the Soviet Union at that time gaining membership in NATO-dominated NATO.

It is not just that NATO grants membership to all countries that were formerly part of the Soviet Union. Is also part of the European Union. This is upsetting Russia. There are only small islands in Russia . Other countries stand with NATO.

The fact is that all the important countries have become anti-Russian and sided with NATO.

Countries such as Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria are all preparing for a major military coup as part of NATO.

Russia’s new strategy comes at a time when NATO, which has said it will not enter Eastern Europe, seems to be moving towards a border-sharing Ukraine.

This is another step in the negotiations to give Ukraine NATO membership.

Now let’s see what is happening in Ukraine.
Ukraine is the second-most populous country in Europe. Belrose is said to be Russia’s ally, with about 130,000 Russian troops encircling Ukraine. Russia had previously invaded Ukraine in 2014. Crimea, a strategic place in Ukraine, was captured by Russia.

Russia has told the world that a majority of those polled there support themselves.

The United States and NATO sided with Ukraine in that war.

The Donbas is another area in eastern Ukraine led by Russian rebels. Here, too, the Russian military decides

Like Crimea, Russia wants to oust the Donbis from Ukraine and give it autonomy.

Balarose is a neighbor of Ukraine and an ally of Russia. The screen capital Maya Kyiv is only 150 km from the Balochistan border. Russia has reportedly deployed about 30,000 troops here.

Putin is not like previous Russian presidents. Putin was a leader who openly said that the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest political catastrophe of the 20th century.

He was also the one who vowed to bring back Russia with the glory of the Soviet era.

Putin plans to unite the countries of Eastern Europe under the unique name of Euro Asia.

The influence of Russian NATO and the European Union is problematic if this is to be implemented. Eliminate NATO dominance in Eastern Europe. Avoid granting NATO membership to Ukraine

Russia has said it will accept demands such as the withdrawal of NATO troops from countries such as Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria, and the granting of autonomy to the Donbas region. But NATO is not ready to accept this. It is at this point that the decisive intervention of the European countries takes place.

Russia supplies a large percentage of Europe’s energy. The Not Stream project is the most affordable out there. European countries are looking at the possibility of joining Russia and China. NATO sees the Note steam 2 project between Germany and Russia as its best indicator.
Russia also supplies about 40 percent of Europe’s natural gas. Russia has threatened to cut off gas supplies to Russia if it opposes NATO. NATO’s goal is to reduce Europe’s dependence on Russia for energy. Note Stream 2 Project Polic is a good tactic that NATOC can do now.

The Note Stream 2 is a van project to transport natural gas from Russia to European countries via the Baltic Sea.
We can see that a 1225 km long pipeline is being laid at a cost of 1100 Kroh. It is hoped that the plan could be thwarted if Russia and European countries are at loggerheads.

Its construction was completed last September. The European Union (EU) has blocked the approval of the project due to the crisis in Ukraine. So NATO’s goal is to keep Ukraine at risk of war and subvert the Not Stream project.

Recognizing this, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, as well as French President Emmanuel Macron, have been in Russia directly to discuss and work with Putin. The Ukraine crisis comes at a time when the plan to reach Germany directly by sea is reaching its final stage, if all previous plans from Russia to Germany have crossed into countries, including Ukraine, to reach Germany. The fact that reconciliation efforts are taking place is basically something we need to keep in mind.
The Note Stream 1 project already exists. That is already a reality. The great feature of Note Stream 2 is that the project comes in a way that is more or less completely dependent on Russia. In any case, this diplomatic war is equally important for Russia, NATO and the European Union. A peace plan acceptable to all will be formulated. Or waiting to see if the Cold War between the superpowers will continue



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